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USGA Rules of Golf govern all play except as modified by these Local Rules.

Local Rule F-5: Free relief from line of play by immovable obstruction within 2 club lengths of putting green and within 2 club lengths of ball.

Local Rule E-5: For ball lost or out of bounds, alternative to stroke and distance is in effect.

Ground Under Repair:  Play is prohibited from flowerbeds next to #2 green and #14 green, and tree wells with staked trees. Relief MUST be taken.

Drop zones available holes #4, #11, and #17 as an additional option for relief from penalty areas. (Not for tournament play.)

Hole #17: The Yellow penalty area left of forward red tee is a Red penalty area for that tee.

Penalty areas marked by green tipped red or yellow stakes are No Play Zones. Relief MUST be taken.

Out of bounds is defined by white stakes or boundary fencing.

Waterfowl Fencing is an immovable obstruction. Player is NOT entitled to free relief when the ball is in the penalty area.

To protect Burrowing Owl habitat, if ball lie or intended swing (but not stance) affected by holes and casts made by burrowing animals mandatory relief MUST be taken under Rule 16.1b. for lie of ball and area of intended swing affected.

For holes #4, #11, #12 and #17, player may hit a provisional ball if the player is not certain if the ball cleared the penalty area.

Notes: (A) All yardage markers are measured to the center of the green; all par-four and par-five holes have pairs of Kirby markers in the fairway from 75-225 yards, 150-yard bushes in the rough and 100-150-200 yard reflectors (red/white/blue) on the cart paths; (B) Shoreline Golf links may use/blended reclaimed water (tertiary effluent) for golf course irrigation purposes; (C) Minimum (environmentally-approved) levels of chemical elements are used in maintaining turf grasses on the course; (D) Please be aware of windsurfers and boating activities alongside the tenth fairway.